Monday, February 25, 2013

The main mental symptom of Thuja.

Thuja is a antisycotic miasmatic medicine in homeopathy. It is applied against many physical and mental symptoms. Here has mentioned the mental symptom of Thuja:

1.       A man who has a deep-seated faith in own mind about anything which is not possible to change by anybody. The patient has a suspicious mind.
2.       Thuja works against the memory loss, intense sex impulses, mean-minded, swindling etc.
3.       The patient of Thuja is obstinate, tenacious and also suffer from depression.
4.       Working an imaginative feeling and deep rooted faith which remains  in mind with illusion and seems his or her body is made of glass and it is destroyed by a simple stroke.
5.       Several times the patient think the soul have separated from the body. Any dial corrupt person moves frequently around the patient. Several times Thuja patient thinks the body is sacred as like a temple. Anybody’s touching to ruin the patient purity and sacredness.
6.       Mainly women patient is suffering from hysterical mania for cleanliness. From safe her sacredness, she uses water again and again. If any man through an honest proposal to her, she thinks the man have a mischievous plan. Sometimes she doesn’t believe her husband.