Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pulsatilla Homeopathy

The remedy of Pulsatilla is prepared from a tree which is grow well in Europe.  Pulsatilla is well proved with healthy body by Dr. Shamual Hanniman who was the pioneer of the Homeopathic Medical Science.

Pulsatilla is that kind of remedy which is using every Homeopathic Practitioner mostly. It is most essential medicine in the world.  It is mostly famous for women. It also may be require time to time for male and child according to sign and syndromes.

It is use in different disease of the women such as irregular menstruation, leucorrhea, during pregnancy and after pregnancy and also during delivery.

Main characteristic of Pulsatilla

Pulsatilla patients are polite, gentle sound and sober. Its patient is fatty and flabbly. They look nice and decent. They weeps easily, almost impossible to detail aliments without weeping.  Their symptoms ever changing, not two chills, not two stools, not two attacks are alike, very well one hour very miserable the next, apparently contradictory. Patient Pain rapidly shifting from one part of body to another. Thirstlessness with nearly all complaints, great dryness of mouth without thirst. Diarrhea from very rich fat and indigestible food and color of the stool is very changeable. Mense too late, irregular, scantly and very painful. Secretion from all mucous membranes are thick, bland and yellowish-green.

Mental symptoms of pulsatilla:

Pulsatilla patient generally mild, sound and sober, gentle and polite.  Restlessness nature is not the
Pulsatilla Women
characteristic of Pulsatilla. Pulsatilla is called the remedy of women. The Patient weeps easily and always love consolation and the disease of the patient relief by consolation. Pulsatilla is prescribing mainly on mental symptoms.

Pulsatilla is most essential medicine in Homeopathic Mateia Medica. It use every day in different disease, if it’s totality of the symptoms are present. According to the symptoms, it cures countless disease. But it is the best medicine for acute disease and it use in the primary stage of the chronic disease.

The tongue of the patient is white and yellow.  Lips and tongue are dry. The patient is thirst less. It is absolutely necessary in an irregular menstruation, Leucorrhea, during pregnancy, after delivery.

Disliking and Liking:

Pulsatilla patient dislike Onion, milk even fish, rich food, fat etc.  Beside the patient like sour, piper, open air, and cold weather also the patient like to bath regularly.


In the warm weather and close room, in the evening, after eating rich food and after sunset.

Complementary medicine:

Kalisulf, kalimur, kalibi, Lycopodium, Sipia, Silicea and also pulsitilla act well after sulphur.


Fifty millesimal potency should be used for rapid action and rapid cure. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

lycopodium homeopathic

Lycopodium is prepared from a kind of tree which grows well in Europe. It is most essential medicine in homeopathy materia  medica. It is proved by Dr. Samuel Hahaniman in his sound of body and also proved several times in the sound of the body both male and female. Lycopodium is a very deep acting and long lasting medicine. It is deep antipsoric, antipsychotic and anti syphilitic medicine and its sphere is very broad and deep.

lycopodium homeopathic predominance of symptoms on the right
side of the body and the patients majority of symptoms move right to left or head to the chest in the body, but never comeback left to right or down to up of the body. The patient emaciates above, especially above the neck while the lower extremities are fairly well nourished.

The mental symptoms are most essential to select the medicine. There are numerous mental symptoms of lycopodium homeopathic patients. The patients are very coward also miser and like to live alone. The patients always tired, greedy, malicious, above feeling, fond of quarrels and also willful.

Lycopodium is particularly appropriate in old age and in untimely old age, while a someone bedraggled, decrepit and bored. It is appropriate in assorted hydropses assorted with liver and heart affections. Sulphur, Graphites and Calcarea carbonica are deep acting remedy but Lycopodium is incomparable.
Most of the disease of lycopodium homeopathic patients aggravates at 4 to 8 pm.

 After lycopodium homeopathic these remedies are used as a complementary; Iodium, Lachesis, Pulsatilla, Chelidonium etc.

lycopodium uses generally chronic disease but it is also a wonderful remedy for all sources of acute disease according to sign and symptoms.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Aconite nap Homeopathy

Aconite Nap
Aconite Nap prepared from a kind of tree which is growing in Europe. Aconite Nap proved by  Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in his own body. It is the most important medicine in homeopathy materiamedica. It is most essential medicine for all sorts of acute disease if its majority of the symptoms are present in the patient. It is not a long lasting remedy. Aconite has never cured any chronic disease but it is absolutely necessary in the primary stage of the chronic disease if its total symptoms are present in the patient. 
Aconite Nap

Mental symptoms of Aconite Nap: The proper selection of homeopathy medicine depends on mental symptoms. Our mind always guide our body. The characterizations of the Aconite patient are serious, Suddenness, Fear of death, restlessness and thirst for water more. Extreme restlessness and anguish are important symptoms of Aconite Nap.

Causes of disease: From dry cold weather and in The winter season.

Aggravate of Aconite: In the evening, At night.

Amelioration: In the open air and during rest period.

After Aconite Nap. Sulphur is suitable medicine. The medicine of Aconite Nap is applied in the primary stage and Sulpher is applied in the chronic stage.

Sulphur Homeopathy

Sulphur is prepared from a kind of stone. Homeopathy  Sulphur is very deep acting medicine. It is the king of anty-psoric remedy. It is well proven in a healthy body.

Mental symptoms of Sulphur: sulphur patients seem  very selfish. Always the patients think about his/her  peace, comport and advantage-disadvantage. The patients always hate and neglect others. He/ she never loves others. It’s a main habitat characteristic of the patient. Sulphur patient thinks him or herself  just like a philosopher and a great person instant of coward.

Sulphur patient religious view: Patiant prays to almighty God  for his/ her success and also prays to God for his/her peace of  soul.

Physical picture of sulphur patient:  Sulphur patient is unclean, nasty, ugly also looks very bad and opensive order  in his body. Patients are lazy and don’t like to bet. He/ she is very restless and sentimental. The patient is very inactive and his/ her face and lips looks red often.

Aggravate: sulphur patients aggravate at 10am to11am and during bed time and also last night.
Favorite food: Sweet.

Causes of diseases: suppressed any skin disease by external application and bad effect of vaccination and after bathing in cold water

Countless disease can be cured by sulphur if an above majority of the symptoms are present in the patient.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Thuja is a great antisycotic medicine of Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a great medical science in the world which is depended an age benefited formula “similia similibus curenter” and Thuja is a wonderful and perfect medicine in homeopathy. It is a deep antisycotic medicine.

Thuja homeopathy is a mentionable and the real formula in homeopathy. Although it has an antipsoric, antituberculusis characteristics but it is working perfectly against the antisycotic miasms. More

The main mental symptom of Thuja.

Thuja is a antisycotic miasmatic medicine in homeopathy. It is applied against many physical and mental symptoms. Here has mentioned the mental symptom of Thuja:

1.       A man who has a deep-seated faith in own mind about anything which is not possible to change by anybody. The patient has a suspicious mind.
2.       Thuja works against the memory loss, intense sex impulses, mean-minded, swindling etc.
3.       The patient of Thuja is obstinate, tenacious and also suffer from depression.
4.       Working an imaginative feeling and deep rooted faith which remains  in mind with illusion and seems his or her body is made of glass and it is destroyed by a simple stroke.
5.       Several times the patient think the soul have separated from the body. Any dial corrupt person moves frequently around the patient. Several times Thuja patient thinks the body is sacred as like a temple. Anybody’s touching to ruin the patient purity and sacredness.
6.       Mainly women patient is suffering from hysterical mania for cleanliness. From safe her sacredness, she uses water again and again. If any man through an honest proposal to her, she thinks the man have a mischievous plan. Sometimes she doesn’t believe her husband.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Homeopathic Repertory

What is a homeopathic repertory?

Repertory is a guide of homeopathy which can help any homeopathic Physician to collect the actual medicine of homeopathy. For a homeopathic Physician, it is necessary to collect patient’s physical and mental symptoms and those symptoms and medicine to be mentioned in a repertory serially. Homeopathic repertory is a key to select actual medicine.

Necessity of repertory

Repertory helps the physician to select an actual medicine in a short time. Sometimes the patient’s symptoms are similar with different medicine. So it is very difficult to select a proper medicine. In this case repertory may help us to find out real medicine for the patient. The sum and substance, repertory reveals a short list of medicines for us. So it is easier to select a real medicine. Materia Medica is most essential for all homeopathic practitioners but repertory give us to attain salvation from the expanse of the materia medica.

Here has mentioned some great repertory of homeopathy with the writer’s name:

A)    General Repertory:

1.    Dr. Kent- Repertory of the Homeopathic Materia Medica.
2.    Dr. Boenning Hausen-  a) Benin Hausen’s Theraputic and Pocket Book.
b) Benin Hausen’s characteristics and Repertory which is compiled by Dr. C. M. Boger.

    B) Clinical Repertory:

    1. Dr. W. Borick- “Clinical Repertory” which is a part of “Hand book of Homoeopathic Materia Medica.
    2. Dr. J. H. Clark- Clinical Repertory to the Dictionary of Materia Medica.
    3. Dr. H. A. Robert- Sensation as if
    4. Dr. Bell- Diarrhoea
    5. Dr. King- Headache.

    C) Concordance Repertory:

        1. Dr. Knerr- Dr. Knerr’s Repertory.
        2. Dr. Boyel- Dr. Boyel’s Repertory.
        3. Dr. Nash- Dr. Nash’s Repertory.
    4. Dr. gentry- Dr. Gentry’s Concordance.

d) Card Repertory:

    1. Dr. Boger- Dr. Boger’s Card Index.
    2. Dr. Field- Dr. Field’s Card Repertory.
    3. Dr. Jugal Kishur compiled by “Card Repertory.