Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sulphur Homeopathy

Sulphur is prepared from a kind of stone. Homeopathy  Sulphur is very deep acting medicine. It is the king of anty-psoric remedy. It is well proven in a healthy body.

Mental symptoms of Sulphur: sulphur patients seem  very selfish. Always the patients think about his/her  peace, comport and advantage-disadvantage. The patients always hate and neglect others. He/ she never loves others. It’s a main habitat characteristic of the patient. Sulphur patient thinks him or herself  just like a philosopher and a great person instant of coward.

Sulphur patient religious view: Patiant prays to almighty God  for his/ her success and also prays to God for his/her peace of  soul.

Physical picture of sulphur patient:  Sulphur patient is unclean, nasty, ugly also looks very bad and opensive order  in his body. Patients are lazy and don’t like to bet. He/ she is very restless and sentimental. The patient is very inactive and his/ her face and lips looks red often.

Aggravate: sulphur patients aggravate at 10am to11am and during bed time and also last night.
Favorite food: Sweet.

Causes of diseases: suppressed any skin disease by external application and bad effect of vaccination and after bathing in cold water

Countless disease can be cured by sulphur if an above majority of the symptoms are present in the patient.