Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Aconite nap Homeopathy

Aconite Nap
Aconite Nap prepared from a kind of tree which is growing in Europe. Aconite Nap proved by  Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in his own body. It is the most important medicine in homeopathy materiamedica. It is most essential medicine for all sorts of acute disease if its majority of the symptoms are present in the patient. It is not a long lasting remedy. Aconite has never cured any chronic disease but it is absolutely necessary in the primary stage of the chronic disease if its total symptoms are present in the patient. 
Aconite Nap

Mental symptoms of Aconite Nap: The proper selection of homeopathy medicine depends on mental symptoms. Our mind always guide our body. The characterizations of the Aconite patient are serious, Suddenness, Fear of death, restlessness and thirst for water more. Extreme restlessness and anguish are important symptoms of Aconite Nap.

Causes of disease: From dry cold weather and in The winter season.

Aggravate of Aconite: In the evening, At night.

Amelioration: In the open air and during rest period.

After Aconite Nap. Sulphur is suitable medicine. The medicine of Aconite Nap is applied in the primary stage and Sulpher is applied in the chronic stage.