Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pulsatilla Homeopathy

The remedy of Pulsatilla is prepared from a tree which is grow well in Europe.  Pulsatilla is well proved with healthy body by Dr. Shamual Hanniman who was the pioneer of the Homeopathic Medical Science.

Pulsatilla is that kind of remedy which is using every Homeopathic Practitioner mostly. It is most essential medicine in the world.  It is mostly famous for women. It also may be require time to time for male and child according to sign and syndromes.

It is use in different disease of the women such as irregular menstruation, leucorrhea, during pregnancy and after pregnancy and also during delivery.

Main characteristic of Pulsatilla

Pulsatilla patients are polite, gentle sound and sober. Its patient is fatty and flabbly. They look nice and decent. They weeps easily, almost impossible to detail aliments without weeping.  Their symptoms ever changing, not two chills, not two stools, not two attacks are alike, very well one hour very miserable the next, apparently contradictory. Patient Pain rapidly shifting from one part of body to another. Thirstlessness with nearly all complaints, great dryness of mouth without thirst. Diarrhea from very rich fat and indigestible food and color of the stool is very changeable. Mense too late, irregular, scantly and very painful. Secretion from all mucous membranes are thick, bland and yellowish-green.

Mental symptoms of pulsatilla:

Pulsatilla patient generally mild, sound and sober, gentle and polite.  Restlessness nature is not the
Pulsatilla Women
characteristic of Pulsatilla. Pulsatilla is called the remedy of women. The Patient weeps easily and always love consolation and the disease of the patient relief by consolation. Pulsatilla is prescribing mainly on mental symptoms.

Pulsatilla is most essential medicine in Homeopathic Mateia Medica. It use every day in different disease, if it’s totality of the symptoms are present. According to the symptoms, it cures countless disease. But it is the best medicine for acute disease and it use in the primary stage of the chronic disease.

The tongue of the patient is white and yellow.  Lips and tongue are dry. The patient is thirst less. It is absolutely necessary in an irregular menstruation, Leucorrhea, during pregnancy, after delivery.

Disliking and Liking:

Pulsatilla patient dislike Onion, milk even fish, rich food, fat etc.  Beside the patient like sour, piper, open air, and cold weather also the patient like to bath regularly.


In the warm weather and close room, in the evening, after eating rich food and after sunset.

Complementary medicine:

Kalisulf, kalimur, kalibi, Lycopodium, Sipia, Silicea and also pulsitilla act well after sulphur.


Fifty millesimal potency should be used for rapid action and rapid cure.