Sunday, April 14, 2013

lycopodium homeopathic

Lycopodium is prepared from a kind of tree which grows well in Europe. It is most essential medicine in homeopathy materia  medica. It is proved by Dr. Samuel Hahaniman in his sound of body and also proved several times in the sound of the body both male and female. Lycopodium is a very deep acting and long lasting medicine. It is deep antipsoric, antipsychotic and anti syphilitic medicine and its sphere is very broad and deep.

lycopodium homeopathic predominance of symptoms on the right
side of the body and the patients majority of symptoms move right to left or head to the chest in the body, but never comeback left to right or down to up of the body. The patient emaciates above, especially above the neck while the lower extremities are fairly well nourished.

The mental symptoms are most essential to select the medicine. There are numerous mental symptoms of lycopodium homeopathic patients. The patients are very coward also miser and like to live alone. The patients always tired, greedy, malicious, above feeling, fond of quarrels and also willful.

Lycopodium is particularly appropriate in old age and in untimely old age, while a someone bedraggled, decrepit and bored. It is appropriate in assorted hydropses assorted with liver and heart affections. Sulphur, Graphites and Calcarea carbonica are deep acting remedy but Lycopodium is incomparable.
Most of the disease of lycopodium homeopathic patients aggravates at 4 to 8 pm.

 After lycopodium homeopathic these remedies are used as a complementary; Iodium, Lachesis, Pulsatilla, Chelidonium etc.

lycopodium uses generally chronic disease but it is also a wonderful remedy for all sources of acute disease according to sign and symptoms.